Public Service Announcement, 22nd February 2023

It is with regret that we announce the termination of our relationship with Royal Flair Caravans.


We would like to note that Melbourne Caravan Repairs ceased supply of Sky-Deck Vehicle Verandas to Royal Flair Caravans effective from May 2022.


Melbourne Caravan Repairs still retains full ownership of the intellectual properties including the patents and trademark for the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda. The Sky-Deck has never been an exclusive to any particular manufacturer and we always welcome any enquiries directly or via the contact form contained on this website.



Creators of the Sky-Deck Vehicle Veranda


Melbourne Caravan Repairs

 03 9548 0154


The Sky-Deck™ Vehicle Veranda was created by Brett Bell of Melbourne Caravan Repairs ( and first released Caulfield Caravan and Camping Show in 2012.


It has also stared at all of the national RV industry shows and is now truly set to take centre stage as the ultimate in caravanning luxury.


The Sky-Deck™ Vehicle Veranda was invented by Brett Bell, manufactured by his company Melbourne Caravan Repairs and is supplied to RV manufactuers for fitment to thier range of vehicles for sale.


It really is the sensible future of caravanning with maximim use of the vehicle foot print, minimal storage size, ease of towing combined with simple setup. Make your next caravan a Sky-Deck'd caravan!